What we do

We conduct comprehensive theory-based evaluations of aid institutions and their programs. Our track record is especially strong for comprehensive evaluations of multilateral programs and thematic evaluations for donor agencies. We are proponents of constructive, forward-looking assessments that reveal actionable improvement potential based on what has worked in the past — and what has not. We are committed to an unbiased, fact-driven, conceptually sound and culturally sensitive approach and we believe that evaluations are a means to better performance and not an end in itself.


Our research aims at developing a better understanding of why development institutions and programs work, and why not. With our utilization-focused approach to research, we develop and refine powerful tools for those planning, implementing and evaluating development programs. Our current research areas are results-based management (RBM), efficiency and value for money, and causality and responsibility.

Our advisory work helps those who manage aid institutions, and those who plan, implement and evaluate development programs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all consultancies and prefer to focus on opportunities where our experiences and skills precisely match the client needs.

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