Diane Bombart

Senior Consultant for IfDS

Diane holds a Doctorate in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Political Science.

Diane is an organization sociologist and evaluator convinced of the value of participatory and appreciative approaches to evaluation.

Diane joined the IfDS in 2010. Her work as evaluator at the Institute has spanned a range of topics and tasks, with a special focus on the evaluation of complex global programs. She contributed as main researcher to a number of assignments such as the evaluation of Finland’s Development Policy Programs, the global review of the partnership between the World Bank Group and the Global Environment Facility, and the evaluation of the ILO’s statistical information program on child labour.

In her research, Diane has focused on the concepts of ‘results’ and ‘results-based management’ in development cooperation: from her research on the French ‘Effects Method’ for the economic analysis of development interventions, through her examination of the notion of ‘results culture’ in organizations, to her deep analysis of the multiple meanings of results-based management in the French Development Agency.

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